Active Action Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Active Action is a non-profit volunteer organization working dedicatedly with an aim to build a healthy, sustainable society that would ensure its citizen, quality standard of living. We believe a collaborative approach can help fulfil our purpose. We want to contribute to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals actively and we are determined to do our part to achieve it.

Active Action conducts social projects, workshops, seminars, and other various events on public health and social awareness. It also organizes charity events to aid the needful.

A committee of executives runs active Action. The team leaders report directly to the committee regarding the progress of the projects and other matters. The executive body monitors the overall activities of the organization, including financial issues. The volunteers report to the assigned team leaders.

Active Action is a Bangladesh based organization.

Volunteering at active action is unpaid. However, we support volunteers with lots of benefits.

To be eligible to apply as a volunteer, age must be above 16 years. Candidates will have to go through a selection process. We check the applicant’s backgrounds to determine the potentiality of becoming a volunteer and to check if the applicant’s intention aligns with the organization’s interests. Only successful candidates are recruited as volunteers.

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Active Action helps to build leadership skills and develop various competencies among its volunteers. Some of the benefits of becoming an Active Action volunteer is as follows:

-Priority access to workshops, seminars & webinars

-Chance to attend mentorship programs & grooming sessions

-Development of leadership skills & competency through practical learning

-Opportunity to strengthen CV/Resume and profile

-Certificate of completion and recommendation letter

You can work with Active Action in various ways. You can become our volunteer or partner with our organization or work with us in other ways. You can even give us ideas on new projects and we shall collaborate with you.

Active Action is a self-funded organization. We finance our projects from our own pocket. If you would like to support our work, you can provide us a donation. Any amount is appreciated and helps us to keep running!

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