Volunteering for Active Action – Everything you need to know

You can join Active Action as a volunteer to actively promote social welfare and at the same time, build your personal competencies!

What are the requirements to become a volunteer at Active Action?

There are no specific requirements to volunteer for Active Action. If you have the interest and goodwill, you will likely to be selected. However, we check the applicant’s backgrounds to determine the potentiality of becoming a volunteer and to check if the applicant’s intention aligns with the organization’s interests.

You can join Active Action because:
1. Get an opportunity to actively promote social welfare & humanity
By working as a volunteer at Active Action, you will be able to contribute to establish a healthy society and help the needful.
2. We help build your leadership skills
We can shape you as a future leader of our community. Learn through a practical approach
3. We help to develop your competencies
Get an opportunity to build up your competencies as you face challenges while working with us
4. We offer exclusive benefits to volunteers
We provide a number of benefits to our volunteers which help them in their future professional career
5. We treat our volunteers as our family
Active Action is one big family in which our volunteers serve as the core. We have their opinions and engage them while making important decisions.

Why Choose Us?
Because we build our volunteers up. 
We provide our volunteers with an amazing opportunity to build themselves up as competent professionals. Our volunteers are our priority and we offer them a number of benefits

Benefits of being an Active Action Volunteer:
1. Priority Access
Get Priority Access to our events like workshops, seminars and webinars. No registration fee for volunteers
2. Mentorship Program
We arrange mentorship programs to develop competencies of our volunteers and prepare them for professional life. We also conduct corporate grooming sessions
3. Practical Learning
Our volunteers gain leadership skills through a practical approach. They lead designated teams to execute projects and we provide written and oral feedbacks on their works
4. Certificate & Recommendation Letter
We provide a certificate upon completing a term. We also provide a recommendation letter to the volunteers who perform the best.

Interested in volunteering for Active Action? CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

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