We fed the orphans!

Children are the future of a nation, so appropriately nurturing them will bring prosperity to the future society. One of the root problems in Bangladesh is that many children remain below the poverty line and don’t get proper guidance to build up their quality to lead a sustainable life. To help these children is the first and foremost duty, but many cannot due to lack of resource and will. One of the Active Action’s main goals is t help the children and educate them to build them up as competent individuals. Intending to help poor children, Active Action regularly tries to helps orphanages in Bangladesh. A healthy younger generation produces a healthy society so as our 3rd project, we decided to feed the poor children who live in orphanages and study in madrasa. This is a charity project and we named it “Feast for Orphans & Madrasa Students”.

To view full project: CLICK HERE (link the ‘Feast for Orphans & Madrasa Students’ project)

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